Investment Outlook 2019

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The Investment Outlook introduces you to investment insights of ABN AMRO Private Banking in equities, bonds and alternative asset classes.

Adjusting to changing conditions

After years of solid growth and strong stock returns, it is time to adjust to changing conditions. We expect that the global economy will continue to grow in 2019, but at a slower pace. Slower, but still decent growth does not mean that we expect a recession any time soon.

Instead, reduced growth can still be positive for financial markets, especially in combination with low interest rates and muted inflation. It does mean, however, that some changes might be required as this scenario unfolds.

Market nervousness clearly increased at the end of 2018. Stock markets around the world suffered declines. We expect markets to continue to be volatile in 2019. On the bond side, the low interest rates in Europe might persist for longer than anticipated, which is supportive for bond investing.

In this Investment Outlook, we also introduce longer-term ideas. Developments in artificial intelligence provides a number of interesting investment opportunities. And also, the shift towards a more sustainable world is taking on increasing significance. This will go hand in hand with good returns for investors.

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