Investment Outlook: Running on more engines

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The Investment Outlook introduces you to investment insights of ABN AMRO Private Banking in equities, bonds and alternative asset classes.

Running on more engines

The central scenario of the Investment Outlook for the second half of 2017 is based on the cumulative improvement of economic and financial conditions that will make financial markets more resilient to absorb unexpected changes.

Our investment policy for the second part of the year is therefore positioned for positive outcomes. This includes a self-sustaining world recovery for several quarters, as economic momentum broadens to other regions than the US. This creates more opportunities for investing in European and emerging markets equities and in real estate, which are the assets we prefer.

We also suggest investing in equity themes, related to the purchasing power of middle class in emerging markets, the unstoppable trend of renewable energy and the economic consequences of an online and connected world.

At the same time, opportunities have narrowed for fixed income assets. Bond yields remain low in absolute terms and we suggest reducing the sensitivity of a bond portfolio to the inevitable normalisation of monetary policies.

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