Investment Outlook: Alert to opportunities and risks

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The Investment Outlook introduces you to investment insights of ABN AMRO Private Banking in equities, bonds and alternative asset classes.

Alert to opportunities and risks

The economic recovery is broad-based and on track to continue in 2018. But a stronger business cycle also means a more dynamic environment. This Outlook is a call to start 2018 by being modestly overweight in stocks, to be alert to opportunities and to use cash as a buffer against risks. 

Better-than-expected economic growth, prolonged low inflation and stable financial conditions will support markets in 2018. This environment will be positive for corporate earnings, especially for companies active in expanding markets. 

While the risk of recession in 2018 is low, the more dynamic environment requires some caution. The economy is getting back to normal, but high growth also implies economic fluctuations. These ups and downs could bring an end to the extended period of extremely low market volatility that we have had.

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