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The Investment Outlook introduces you to investment insights of ABN AMRO Private Banking in equities, bonds and alternative asset classes.

Still on course

The economy is still on course, despite the distractions of geopolitics and a return of market volatility. While market noise may have increased, investment fundamentals are in good shape.

Headlines can be deceiving. We have all read stories that begin with a bold title, while the story that follows is more balanced and nuanced. An alarming headline can grab attention, but it can also distract from the true story. This is especially true if the news is written in tweets of max 280 characters by the US president.

We believe that despite the headlines seen in the first half of the year, the underlying story remains positive. The economy is doing well and this will likely continue through 2018 at least. The recovery in economic growth, which has been slowly strengthening since the end of the financial crisis, has proven to be exceptionally long and, at times, surprisingly resilient. Despite soft spots and worries, we are still on course to a ‘more normal’ market environment.

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